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Word on the Street

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"We would like to recommend:


Clr Kellie Marsh & Shane Bitschkat for the upcoming Local Government Council Elections: in Ward A (Albion Park and part of Albion Park Rail), Tullimbar and Calderwood).


Both Clr Kellie Marsh and Shane Bitschkat live in our local area and understand the issues of living in a new and developing area.


  • Both understand the problems of our roads especially while the new bypass of Albion Park is being built. 

  • They see the difficulty of our local shopping centre and carpark: at Albion Park; that does not accommodate the ever growing area. 

  • Like others in the area they are affected by the dust from graders as the land is prepared for the development application with the local council.

  • They are conscious of the safety of School Children, even a place for pets that need a drink, while out walking with the owners.

  • Clr Kellie Marsh is concerned for Residents living in the Albion Park Area.  During ANZAC Day 2020, Clr Kellie Marsh led the service in one of the local streets in Tullimbar – while at that time all were socially distancing.


My husband started the Model RC Boat Club that sails at Calderwood.  It was a pleasure when Clr Kellie Marsh visited and had lunch with the club.   Kellie has also visited the Albion Park Men’s Shed.   For men to have a space to meet and talk in a relaxed informal way as they work together and sail has many benefits.


We know who we will be voting for in the upcoming elections."

Clyde & June Bock - Resident

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"Something has to change.

It worries me that there is no real plan for 2527. Lots of new houses but no investment back, we still lack basic infrastructure.

We need strong independent voices in our Council to ensure we start receiving our fair share and don’t fall further behind. We need Kellie Marsh and Shane Bitschkat representing us.

Kellie and Shane don’t waste time playing politics, they work with whoever they need to to get the job done. They have a proven record of success with issues that others choose to ignore. They genuinely care about this community and making it better for the people they represent.

Vote Kellie and Shane in Ward A."

Linda Jukes - Resident

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"I have had the opportunity to meet and spend time with both Kellie and Shane at various community and social events over the past few years .

I have found them both to be kind , compassionate and above all to have a overwhelming sense of community . I have seen them work tirelessly in our community to help multiple residents and resolve issues quickly and effectively . Moving from Sydney with our family we wanted to raise our children in a place with people who actively seek to improve the district .

I whole heartedly believe that Kellie and Shane together can bring about the change and and sense of moral navigation I feel our current local council is lacking .

It is my hope that we as a community set about this change by electing people such as Kellie and Shane."

Danielle Corrigan - Resident


"I have known Kellie Marsh and supported her and her team for a number of years now.


I admire how she always goes the extra mile to help anyone that has any concerns or questions about the community or the environment.


Kellie and Shane are not afraid to stand up for the little guy. So that everyone in the community feels like they are part of an unbeatable team.


I am always proud to stand by them at the Anzac and remembrance day ceremonies as they have a high respect for our history."

1st Officer Rod Walker Australian Air League Albion Park

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"I fully endorse Kellie Marsh and Shane Bitschkat for the upcoming LGA elections.


As a current councillor, Kellie Marsh has been consistent in her approach to put community first. In every decision made relating to community, either by representing the Tullimbar Community with their fight against a developer, or just by listening to constituents about local concerns and needs, Kellie has always been the first to offer assistance when needed, getting positive results to other peoples problems.

Shane Bitschkat has been a community leader for the past 6 years. Shane has shown passion, understanding and empathy when dealing with community concerns through the many social media sites he has managed.


In 2018, Shane was instrumental in drumming up support against a local developer to keep the Tullimbar Town Centre alive, steam rolling  approximately $10000 of his own money to support his community and organise a professional engineer, who specialises in town planning, to survey, write and report the benefits of the town centre as promised by the original developer.

Shane in 2018, was nominated and received the Community Award for Outstanding Citizen, from the NSW State Government recognising his outstanding community service. In that same year, Shane became a registered Justice of the Peace.

I will be voting for Kellie Marsh Independents in the 2021 LGA elections." 

Linda Bardak - Resident

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